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Free text relay for people with hearing loss or a speech disability
Free text relay for people with hearing loss or a speech disability

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The Independent Living Skills Program - Programs and Services

Programs for Blind and Visually Impaired Consumers

The Independent Living Skills Program provided in consumer's home and community promotes the development of skills to foster independent living. Orientation and Mobility Instruction, Rehabilitation Teaching, Social Work Services, Volunteers and Educational/Support Groups are provided. The AVI Technology Resource Center is located at the Spring Valley office.

Orientation and Mobility Instruction prepares a visually impaired individual to travel safely and with confidence. Instruction is based on client's capabilities and goals. Topics covered:

  • using residual vision effectively
  • orienting oneself to surroundings
  • self-protection for indoor environments
  • walking with a guide
  • techniques for traveling with a long cane
  • navigating public transportation

Rehabilitation Teaching enables visually impaired individuals to function independently. Skills taught are based on individual needs and include:

  • Personal Management
    • eating techniques
    • money identification
    • personal record keeping
  • Home Management
    • cooking
    • clothing identification and care
    • home maintenance
  • Communication Skills
    • writing
    • use of telephone
    • talking book machines
    • time pieces
    • electronic communication devices

Social Work Services assist consumers in adjusting to their vision loss through counseling and connects them with appropriate community resources. Emotional, financial, legal, social, recreational and employment needs are addressed on an individual basis.

Educational/Support Groups provide blind and visually impaired individuals information about community resources and the opportunity to discuss common problems (scheduled meetings.)

The Technology Resource Center is located at the Spring Valley office and provides consumers access to assistive technology. Demonstrations and instruction are provided regarding low vision reading systems, computer access software and speech recognition and voice controlled systems.

Volunteers assist visually impaired persons with reading, sorting mail, food/clothing shopping, transportation, friendly visits, etc. (Training schedule).

Functional Vision Training is provided to visually impaired children from birth to five years of age. Training is in the child's home or his/her preschool program. This training helps a visually impaired child function more independently and lays the basis for a more independent adult in the future.

Community Outreach Education Program educates professionals, paraprofessionals, seniors and the general public about visual impairment and how to assist visually impaired or blind individuals.

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